How to use it

Solisten is portable and easy-to-use.

Solisten is an all-in-one product which does not require any other equipment such as CDs, CD player, or amplifier.

The programming and processed sound are housed and protected within the device allowing the provider to control the program selections for his client. The client can use the device easily and without error by simply punching a button to run the program.
Solisten is portable and easy-to-use.

Because Solisten’s sound training is based on a two-hour training session per day, it is designed to enable your client the ability to use it everywhere at any time. It's very useful for people who:
  • are physically incapable of coming to your clinic
  • have time restrictions (work, school etc)
  • have distance restrictions
Solisten is delivered in a special pouch to be carried on the belt like a mobile phone.

As proven by many scientists and researchers, the effects of muscle stimulation and especially auditory stimulation require an intense and repetitive program. It is known as the "duration law".

A typical program takes place in two phases of 30 two-hour sessions over 15 days separated from each other by a break of around 4 weeks.

Chronological schema of steps

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Once trained, the therapist will be able to evaluate the needs of his client and easily choose the specific program.