Listening Vs Hearing

Hearing is the passive reception of sound while listening is the active participation in what one hears. It's possible to have good hearing - but poor listening. The ear plays a unique and critical role in our day-to-day lives. Beyond auditory function (the perception of sounds), the ear assumes two more functions:

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The dynamization function

The human ear can be compared to a dynamo which provides the brain with energy and thus requires stimulation. The quality of the sounds produce effects on the level of energy of the brain. Tomatis found that higher frequency sounds are better for brain stimulation.

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The vestibular function

The ear plays an important role in posture and balance control and influences a large part of the muscular system of the body. Not a single muscle of the body can move without the interplay of the vestibular system and its connection to the brain.

Hearing is a function of the ear while listening is a function of the brain.

Listening problems are the root cause of many learning and communication difficulties.

When this dysfunction occurs, the brain will order the ear to function less efficiently in return. This opens the way to  everyday listening problems: mistaken interpretations during verbal exchanges such as the, impression that certain sounds are aggressive, lack of comprehension, difficulty concentrating, learning difficulties and so on.  

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Dysfunctional listening can result from a difficult pregnancy or birth, early childhood colds and illnesses, accidents, living near loud sounds, emotional trauma, or a myriad of experiences that alter how a person processes sounds.

If you change the way the ear works, you affect all the body’s major organs. These changes, in turn, can produce profound transformations in how we function. People of all ages can imagine new possibilities, expand their capabilities and realise their dreams.

« Listening is to the ear what looking is to the eye. You can look and yet not see ...and you can hear and yet not listen. »