Professionals (OTs, Physiotherapists, Speech and Language therapists, psychologists, life coaches, counsellors etc) have stated that Solisten provides "new ways of being" for their clients and assists them to live in easier ways - while expanding their awareness so they are better able to listen and learn.

"The 5-year-old SPD (sensory processing disorder) girl has shown dramatic differences. Her language has improved incredibly in terms of logical thinking. Her motor skills appear better co-ordinated."
Robert Trapani, MA, OTR—USA

"I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful training I received from you these past few days and your willingness to share your many talents. Thank you for your awesome presentations, and for going out of your way to make this experience a life-changing one for me."
Patricia Arnazzi, MD—USA

"I just finished my first 30 hours of the Solisten program and have more energy than ever. My mind is uncluttered ... and opened up with ideas about my business and how I want to re-invent myself as a professional. I feel better than I have in a long time. Thank you to Solisten which has opened up my ears so I can really listen to myself for the first time in my life."
Jessica Brand, 50—Australia

“I just completed 60 hours of the Solisten and my hearing is improving, I can hear birds and wildlife in the bush now, I had forgotten the sound of it! My thinking is more in sequences and I'm more organised. I'm not procrastinating any more. I'm more relaxed and I take life more easily. It's giving me hope for years to come. It's so pleasant and easy to do.”
Jill Bart, 70 - Qld Australia

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